A traffic ticket can cause harm to a driver's record - and their life in general - for some years. The damage can include fines, a rise in vehicle insurance costs, and more. When the flashing red and blue lights show up in the rearview mirror, it's no wonder that many people enter panic mode. However, keep in mind that every ticket does not have to mean disaster or panic attacks. Below, the situations when hiring a Roanoke Traffic Lawyer is wise are explained.

A Civil Violation

A roanoke litigation and trial lawyer often works on cases that are seemingly small civil traffic infractions. This may be something like speeding or running through a red light. The penalties are often into the hundreds of dollars, and the points attached to the driving record are often even worse. Those points typically result in a big hike in car insurance, after all. If the civil violation was something like 15 miles per hour over the speed limit or failure to use a turn signal, it is important that a traffic attorney is called in to help. In many cases, the lawyer may be able to get their client exonerated completely, with no money due and no damage to their permanent record. The arresting officer may have made some kind of mistake when writing the ticket, or maybe the signs indicating the laws were not clearly posted. No matter what the situation, working with a lawyer is always smart since they have the legal knowledge that may exonerate you.

A Criminal Violation

Anyone who has been charged with a criminal violation such as Driving Under the Influence needs a Roanoke Criminal Defense Lawyer immediately. With criminal charges, the stakes become very high. Not only are major fines and penalties involved, but the person charged with a crime could end up spending months or years in jail if they are convicted. As with civil violations, there may have been mistakes made when the ticketing occurred. The officer may have handled the arrest improperly, or the law may have been unclear. There is still a chance to escape major damage even when charged with criminal violations, but working with a Roanoke Litigation and Trial Lawyer is the only chance for exoneration in most cases.

Even minor violations can turn major when the long-term impact is considered. Look at all the possible outcomes when facing charges. If any of those outcomes would be very damaging to your life, call a lawyer before it can happen to you!