Increasingly more police agencies across the United States are looking at laser-based traffic enforcement devices which in effect make most radar detectors obsolete as most are not able to discover the narrow-beam of light and when you're "shot you're got".

Therefore the inquiry becomes how can you overcome this emerging technology utilized around the globe in speed traps? The answer having an effective laser jammer.

The Era 8 Laser Interceptor is the highest active laser jammer available on the market now. With its' top jamming and technology capabilities, the laser Interceptor is the bullet proof jammer accessible.

This is among the jammers that are most easy . With its' patented mount design, install may be performed by virtually anyone. The brackets allow for a 360 degree spinning axis allowing the heads perfectly aligned with extreme ease and to be mounted perfectly level. Unlike other jammers that require drilling into vital components of the vehicle to mount, the Laser Interceptor brackets are small enough to be connected to existing bolts of the auto and not thick. Just unscrew the first bolt from the car, slip the mount through, and re-tighten it straight back to the car.

Other jammers don't possess the power to effectively jam all police LIDAR guns. Unlike other jammers, the unit uses into reading no pace, extremely strong laser diodes that effectively confuse the LIDAR gun.

Another amazing characteristic of the Laser Interceptor is the ability to jam LIDAR guns minus the firearm showing a "Jam Code". Modern LIDAR firearms will exhibit jam codes such as "JA3" as to show the operator that the firearm is being jammed. From recognizing a jammer, hence shielding the user from any unwanted attention in the operator of the gun, the LIDAR gun is prevented by the sophisticated technology of the jammer.

The voice alarms are another attribute of the LI. The voice alarms will notify the user when they are being targeted by LIDAR as well as announce what LIDAR gun is used.

It's the "Unknown Firearm" alarm. The firearm alarm that is unknown will efficiently jam any gun the Laser Interceptor doesn't recognize.

The units, for example, the TruSpeed LIDAR firearm was not programmed into the CPU. The TruSpeed would be affectively jammed by the LI despite being a un-recognized gun. Through constant CPU and programming upgrades, the TruSpeed is part of the list of alerts. When LIDAR guns that are new are produced, the device will probably be equipped to handle any gun.

This really is only one of the very best features of the Laser Interceptor. The firmware that is completely upgradable is a good solution save money and to stay up up to now. If guns are created, which will be unavoidable in the never ending and ever evolving traffic enforcement tactics, the Laser Interceptor will soon be ready. Just plug the CPU to the pc and down load the software that is newest. The owners of Laser Interceptor upgrading and are always testing the software, so there's no need to buy another, once you obtain a Laser Interceptor. When new dangers arise, only update.

The Laser Interceptor is the leading laser jammer available today. With totally upgradable applications, astonishing jamming power, and simplicity of install, the Laser Interceptor is worlds ahead of the competitors.

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